The Significance of Morgaon

॥ श्री भूस्वानंदाधीशो मयुरेश्वरो विजयते ॥

निजे भूस्वानंदे जडभरत भूम्यां परतरे ॥
तुरीयायास्तीरे परमसुखदे त्वं निवससि ॥
मयूराया नाथस्त्वमसि च मयूरेश भगवन्‌ ॥
अतस्त्वां संध्याये शिव-हरि-रवि-ब्रह्म जनकम्‌ ॥

॥ कऱ्हेचे तिरी एक असे मोरगांव ॥
॥ तिथे नांदतो मोरया देव राव ॥
॥ चला जाऊ यात्रेसी महापुण्य आहे ॥
॥ मनी इच्छिले मोरया देत आहे ॥

॥ स्वर्गे शंभुगृहे चैव पाताले शेषमंदिरे पृथिव्यां तु मयुरेशे ॥

The foremost, abode of Ganesha, the Pandhari (holy place) of the devotees of Ganesha and the most prominent among the Astavinayakas is the Lord Mayureshwara / Moreshwara of Morgaon.

From the point of view of ancient texts, the history of Mayureshwara is distinctive. It is known that Shri Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati. It is also said in the Atharvashirsha

“Shivasutaya Varadamoorthaye namah”- “Oh! Son of Shiva, the bestower of fortune, I bow to you.” This Mayureshwara is an exception. According to Mudgal Purana, it is said that Shri Mayureshwara of Morgaon is the father of all the gods – Shiva, Hari, Sun, Brahma.

Shri Ganesha’s symbol ‘OM’ was installed/placed at this place i.e. the region of Mayureshwara. The Vedas was formed by this Omkar. Vedas created 5 gods. These 5 gods meditated on the Omkar. Then they witnessed Lord Ganesh in the form of Om. The five gods installed the idol of Ganesh on earth and the region was Jyestharaj Brahmanaspati Shri Mayureshwara Kshetra.

Story of Shri Mayureshwara

In the treta yuga, demons Sindhu daitya and Kamalasura pleased the Sun god with a severe penance. They established their kingdom on the earth and imprisoned the gods. Then the goddess of Shakti, Parvati performed a rigorous penance in a cave of the mountain Lekhanagiri (now known as Lanadri). Shri Ganesha manifested and blessed Parvati to destroy the demon Sindhudaitya. From the egg laid by Vineeti, wife of Sage Kasyapa, a peacock was born. Mounting on this peacock, Shri Ganesha killed Sindhudaitya and Kamalasura. Later on the 4th day of Bhadrapada, the idol which was installed by the 5 gods was the statue of this Mayurashwara. This deity is located at Morgaon for the devotees. The demon Sindhu daitya was killed by Ganesh sitting on the peacock; it is therefore the five gods named him as Mayureshwara.