The Significance of Theur

The Significance of Theur

This place is called as Sthavara kshetra or Theur. This is referred in Mudgal purana and Ganeshpurana. In the third phase of Dvaparayuga, Shri Chintamani was born to Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Devi (then Madhava and Sumedha). Lord Brahma meditated here to attain stability of mind. It is reason why this place is known as Sthavara Kshetra. The word ‘Sthavara’ changed to Theur. It is one prominent place in the Astavinayakas.

Shri Chintamani is the master of this place. This place has the potential to read the devotees minds and solve their problems. Therefore he is known as Chintamani. Lord Chintamani is self manifested. A portion of all the pilgrimages in the world reside in this holy place. If anyone meditates here Lord Chintamani will be pleased instantly. One attains sadgati with the darshan of this divine diety. With the touch of the idol one attains unity with god. With the holy teerth (water) of Vnayaka’s feet one will be free from ill deeds. There will be no rebirth. Lord Shiva himself has performed penance here. The followers of Ganapati i.e. the Ganapatyas treat this region as Prayaga. The appearance of the idol Chintamani is that of a child. It is matru swarupa. It is a live (jaagrut) temple. The god is very powerful here and it is said that it matr sraddha performed here one gets librerated. This place is also referred as Matru Gaya and Morgaon is Pitu Gaya. If the rite of Pinda dana is performed near the Ganeshkund, one gets liberated from Matririn(debt towards mother). Here the mightiness of Theur is insightful.

Penance of Shri Moraya Gosavi :

As per the instructions by Shri Nayanbharathi, Shri Moraya Gosavi started meditating in Theur. After a rigorous penance of 42 days, the god Chintamani of Theur was pleased. The Lord manifested in his form. He woke Shri Gosavi from meditation and said “I am pleased by your meditation. I will take birth of your son as the result of your penance. Accept Gruhasthashrama (family life).”

Lord Chintamani was born to Shri Moraya Gosavi. He did not cry post birth. He was in the Khechari mudra (a yogic posture). His chest had an impression of a saffron hand.

The place where Shri Moraya Gosavi meditated is known as “Moraya’s Asana” which is famous even today. Through his penance, he experienced many tough tests. In one such instance, when he was meditating, a tiger attacked him with an intension to eat. With his violent roar Shri Gosavi slightly opened his eyes and looked at the tiger. When the tiger pounced upon him, it was transformed to stone instantly. Today we can find the stone in Theur. A dome is built there.

Madhavrao Peshwa (I) and the Sati’s Vrindavana:

Madhavrao Peshwa was a ardent devotee of Sri Chintamani. He spent his last days of his life near the Lord. When his pain became unbearable, a constant stream of milk was poured on the Lord to heal his pain. He gave up his life at the feet of Shri Chintamani. His wife Ramabai performed Sati during his cremation at this place. A tulasi vrindavana is built in their memory.

On the 8th day of Kartika month every year, the death anniversary of Rama Madhava is celebrated here. The Chinchwad devasthana has renovated the memorial of Ramabai recently.

Stories from the Puranas narrating the significance of this place:

Gana was born to a royal couple Abhijt and Gunavati. He was devilish in nature. Once he went to Sage Kapila. The sage had a gem called Chintamani. He served Gana, with a sumptuous meal. Gane craved to obtain this gem. Irrespective of constant denial by the Sage Kapila, Gana forcibly took away the gem. Sage Kapila prayed Shri Vinayaka. Vinayaka waged a war against Gana and killed him. He returned the gem, Chintamani to the sage. But the sage refused to accept it. then Vinayaka took the form of Chintamani and stayed there permanently under the Kadamba tree. This place is Theur, Kadamba Teertha.

Indra lusted for Ahalya, the wife of Sage Gautama. One day when the sage was out to bath, Indra disguised as Gautama and copulated with Ahilya. When the sage knew about this, he cursed Indra. Indra’s body was bruised. When Indra begged mercy, he was instructed to meditate upon Lord Chintamani. Later Indra pleased Lord Chintamani with his penance and got cured. The place where Indra penance is Theur.