Annual Programs of Chinchwad Temple

Shri Moraya Gosavi’s Punyatithi (Anniversary)

The anniversary of Shri Moraya Gosavi is the most important festival temple of Chinchwad Sansthan. The festival is celebrated from the 3rd day to 6th day of Margashirsha month with pomp and gaiety. Thousands of devotees come for darshan. On 6th day 40-50 thousand devotees gather. They take the darshan of Samadhi, Mangalamurti and have prasada. The temple is decorated with lamps. Bhajans, Keertans make the environment divine. The Maharaj alone has the authority, do the pooja and aarti of Shri Mangalmurti.

Shri Moraya Gosavi, Chintamani Maharaj, Dharanidhar Maharaj have created many poetic verses (padas). They are sung in the evening as a ritual. This is called as Dhoopaarti. Maharaj’s wife removes the drist (Dristi dosha) of Mangalamurti

Punyatithi Utsav (Anniversary Festival)

The anniversary of Shri Chintamani Maharaj(I) is celebrated on the 4th (Kr)day of the Pausha month. This is 1 day festival. Shri Narayan Maharaj’s Punyatithi is celebrated on the 7th (Sh)day Bhadrapada month. This is the yatra period. This festival is celebrated in Saswad.
All the Sapta Purushas anniversaries are also celebrated.


The yatra takes place on the first 4 days of Sravana month, in the 4 directions of Chinchwad region i.e. Pimpri, Wakad, the hillock of Ramadi of Raveta and Akurdi of the deities Manjaree, Asaraee, Ozharaee and Muktaee respectively. Maharaj and other devotees visit these places sing jogwa, gondhal songs and perform pooja. The remaining songs of Dhoopaarti are sung on the bank of Pavana river. There is mahaprasada for all devotees.

Bhadrapada and Magha Wari (Religious Processions)

In the Bhadrapada and Magha months, the wari (religious processions) from Chinchwad starts to Morgaon.

Bhadrapada Wari

In the Bharapada month, the idol of Mangalmurthi is placed in a palkhi (palanquin). This wari starts off with a great enthusiasm. It reaches on the 3rd day to Morgaon via Pune – Saswad – Jejuri. Mangalmurthi is received by the people of Morgaon with a grand welcome. In the procession Mangalmurthi meets Moraya. On the 4th day, Mangalmurti is taken to Karhe river for a holy dip. The bathed water is sprinkled over all the devotees by Maharaj. The people feel blessed with this sprinkling of holy water. Previously on the 5th day Annadan was organized at Pavali near Karhe. But the place has been shifted to the Sansthan’s Dharmashala in Morgaon.

While returning, Mangalmurti meets Khandoba of Jejuri, Yamaee devi of Shivari and Jogeshwari in Pune. The palkhi procession is well received by the people.

Magha Wari (Ganesh Jayanti)

Magha wari is similar to that of Bhadrapad wari. This time the procession of Mangalmurti is taken in the chariot. The procession resides in Theur and Siddhatek, while returning. The route and stay of the procession is decided as per the convenience of the devotees. On the 3rd day night the procession has to compulsorily reach Morgaon. While going back the procession meets Moraya on the bank. In the Magha wari the procession meets the Siddhivinaka of Siddhatek.

Birthday of Shri Kothareshwara

The birthday of Kothareshwara is celebrated on the 6th (Sh) day of Sravana. On this day Mahapuja, Mahanaivedya and Mahadhoopaarti are performed.