Annual Programs in Theur

Annual Festivals in Theur:

In Theur, two major festivals are celebrated.

From the 1st day to 4th day of Bhadrapada, the dvara yatra begins –
  • First day: Towards East – Ozahraee Devi, Koregaon 8 kms.
  • Second day: Towards South – Vanaraee, Alandi, Mhatobhachi 7 kms
  • Third day: Towards West – Manjaraee, Manjri Bu|| 7 kms
  • Fourth day: Towards North – Mahatari Aai(Theur) 1 km

On the 8th (Sh) day of Magha month, the chief trustee Shri Deo Maharaj start from Morgaon with the idol of Mangalamurthi and reach Theur by evening for a stay. They are brought to the temple with a grand musical procession. The poetic verses written by Shri Moraya Gosavi are sung at night. Next day after the Mahapooja, Mahaprasada is served. Later the procession of Mangalamurthi heads off to Shri Kshetra Siddhatek.

Other Occasional Programs:

On Sankasti and Vinayaki chaturthi, there is Chabina procession. On every festival of the year, Lord Chintamani is adorned with poshakha.

On the 8th (Kr) of Kartika month, the anniversary of Rama-Madhav is celebrayed. On this day a palanquin bearing the garlanded photo of Shri Madhavrao Peshwa is taken in a musical procession to the memorial near the bank.