The daily activities of the Siddhatek Temple

Darshan Timings:

Darshan Timings: 5:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.

Daily Programs:

Morning 5:00 A.M - Waking up of great god
Morning 5:15 A.M - First Prakshalana Pooja (divine cleansing pooja)
Morning 11:00 A.M - Maha Pooja,
Afternoon 12:00 Noon - Mahanaivedya
Night 8:00 P.M - Prakshalana Pooja (divine cleansing pooja)
Night 8:30 P.M - Naivedya (Milk rice and soaked chana dal)
Night 9:00 P.M - Shej Aarti
Night 9:30 P.M - The temple closes

On every Sankasta Chaturthi at the Chandrodaya (Moon rise), mahanaivedya, pancharati and aarti is performed then the temple is closed.

Facilities for the devotees:


At every month on the day of Sankasti Chaturthi and Vinayaki Chaturthi Abhisheka is performed by the Chinchwad Deosthan Trust. Devotees can make donations for abhisheka in the office and collect receipt. The Prasad is sent by post to the devotees.


The offers Mahaprasada (Lunch) for all the devotees from 12 Noon to 2 P.M daily. This facility is provided by the Devasthana. Annadana fund is accepted here.

Prasada :

The temple offers Laddus as prasada in the premises of the temple.

Annadana Fund:

Special donations for Anna-dana can be made at Deosthan Trust office in form of Food grains, Material or in the form of money. The donors are advised to collect receipt from the office for his donations

Accommodation :

The Devasthana’s Bhakta Niwas is well equipped with spacious rooms. The devotees can book the rooms by calling or mailing to the Devasthana.

Other facilities:

Drinking Water facility is available in the premises of the Temple. Using the modern technology pure drinking water is provided through a token machine. In the machine if a rupee is inserted, it gives out a bottle of pure drinking water.

The Sansthan has undertaken electricity generation projects through wind turbines and solar panels.


Donations are accepted in the form of money, food materials etc. Silver and gold articles are accepted. The donors should collect receipt from the office.