Annual Programs Invitation

Annual Programs Invitation
Shaka 1944
Plav Samvatsara
Year 2022-23

Namaskar !

All the devotees are invited to the festivals, celebrated annually by the Deosthana. Especially for the festivals like dvaryatra, yatras and other festivals. To have the prasada, every household is invited to the festivals like Kojagiri, Dusshara samapti, Haldi kumkum etc. Earlier houses were in close proximity; it was then easy to personally invite all. But today the devotees have increased and personally inviting everyone has become unfeasible. We therefore, humbly invite devotees to attend all the festivals and participate with joy and devotion.


Mandar Jagannath Deo Maharaj
Chinchwad Deosthan Trust
Chinchwad, Pune 411033

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