How did Shri Moraya Gosavi meet Mangalamurti

Story of Mangalamurti

Once Shri Gosavi was on his usual visit to Morgaon. While he was meditating, Lord Mayureshwara along with Riddhi and Siddhi manifested. Looking at the radiant image of Lord, Moraya Gosavi fell at the feet of Mayureshwara. Lord spoke, “You are growing old; you undertake a lot of pain to come here regularly. I can’t see your suffering. I am pleased by your devotion, henceforth don’t come here. Instead I will come along with you to Chinchwad. Tomorrow while bathing in Ganeshkund you will receive a luminous, saffron colored pebble. Accept it as me and take it to Chinchwad. Bring it on the 4th day of Jyestha, Bhadrapada and Magha months only. I am with you. We are not different. Your devotion has removed our dualism’ saying so the Lord disappeared.

Following day, Shri Moraya Gosavi bathed in the Ganeshkund. When he was offering the libation to the Sun god, at the third offering he found a radiant saffron pebble in his hand. He was overjoyed to have the prasad from the god. This happened in the Shalivanhana year 1411. Later this was brought ceremoniously to the temple of Mayureshwara. It was placed in front of the Lord’s idol and Shri Moraya Gosavi bowed down with reverence. At this moment a garland from the god fell into Moraya Gosavi’s neck, this was witnessed by many people. Shri Moraya Gosavi was delighted; he understood that he was permitted to go to Chinchwad. Chanting bhajans Shri Moraya Gosavi took the Prasad stone to Chinchwad. It was installed with chanting of vedic mantras by well versed vedic Brahmins. This Murti is in the Mangalamurti wada of Chinchwad.