Places Around Morgaon

Seven Tirthas in Morgaon

In the 5 meter track of the Karha river in Morgaon, the following 7 tirthas are situated:

1. Ganesh Teertha
2. Bheem Teertha
3. Kapil Teertha
4. Vyasa Teertha
5. Rishi Teertha
6. Sarva Punya Teertha
7. Shri Ganeshgaya Teertha

The Ganesh teertha is created by Shri Ganesha with his weapon Ankusha. This is 1-11/2 furlong away from the main temple. The temple of Teertharaj Ganesha is situated near the teertha. On the west 5 miles away, there is a village named Pandeshwara. In this village there is temple of Pandeshwara, near the temple Shri Ganeshgaya Teertha is situated. Out of 7 teerthas, only 2 are present now. In the temple of Pandeshwara, the Shiva linga is gigantic. This temple is of the Pandavas period. According to the vidhana of ganeshgaya in the region of Mayureshwara, ganesh gaya sraddha is performed. Ganapathyas, followers of Ganapati consider Morgaon as Kashi and Pandeshwara as Gaya. In the premises of this temple firstly gaya sraddha is performed, then Shri Ganesha’s idol is worshipped and then pinda dana is done. Then the Akshaya tree is worshipped and the vata sraddha is done. Because of these rites the forefathers are pacified and they dwell in the heavenly bliss of Shri Ganesha.


In Morgaon, on the bank of Karhe, the temple of Chintamani is situated. This temple premise is known as Pavali. In 1324, Shri Moraya Gosavi’s parents Parvatibai and Vamanabhatta reached this place doing yatra. They mediated here for 42 days. Mayureshwara was pleased by their penance and said, “I will be born to you as your son.”

Following Shaka year 1297 (1375 A.D.) on the 4th (Sh) day of Magha month a boy was born to them. He was named ‘Moreshwara’.

Forty years ago the palkhi of Si Mangalamurti would halt at Pavali on the 5th day of Bhadrapada. The pooja, naivedya of Mangalamurthi was performed there. Annadana would also take place. People from all the sections of the society would have the prasada as much they wanted.

Now on the 5th day of Bhadrapada, the Chinchwad Devasthan still organizes annadana here. This tradition is ongoing.