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Sanjeevan Samadhi Mahotsav

Occasion of Sriman Mahasadhu Shri Moraya Gosavi’s Sanjeevan Samadhi

Sriman Mahasadhu Shri Moraya Gosavi of Shri Kshetra Chinchwad is the incarnation of Shri Mayureshwara of Morgaon. Shri Mayurashwara was born as Shri Moraya Gosavi on 4th (Kr) day of Magha month Shaka 1297 (1375 AD). He was a great reformer. After accomplishing his work, he took Sanjeevan Samadhi on the bank of Pavana river, on 6th (Kr) day of Margshirsha Shaka yr 1483 (1561 AD).

Every year Chinchwad Deosthan Trust celebrates the Sanjeevan Samadhi Mahotsav for 4 days from 3rd (Kr) day to 6th (Kr) day of Margashirsha month. This mahotsav organizes various programs like Homas, Bhajans, Discourses, Health Camps, Blood Donation Camps and Music concerts. Renowned vocalists perform here as service to God. One day before the Mahotsav, a felicitation ceremony is organized to felicitate 10 renowned persons of the society. They are given mementos. Also ‘Moraya Jeevan Gaurav Purskar’ the highest honorary award given to one eminent personality. The award includes a memento, certificate of excellence and a cash prize. Around 2 lakh devotees attend this Mahotsav. On the 6th day, i.e. the Samadhi day, around 50 thousand people savor the Mahaprasad.

Till date the personalities who are awarded with this celebrated award are Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiya, Dr. V.G. Vaidya, founder of Lokamanya Medical Foundation, Dr. R. C. Dhere, philosopher of Sant sahitya and Shri Ajayji Shirke (President of Maharastra Cricket Association).

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Sanjeevan Samadhi 2012 - 2014 Mahotsav Photo

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