Shri Kshetra Theur

Shri Chintamani Temple and the places around:

The temple of Shri Chintamani in Theur is huge and magnificent. It faces towards North. Srimanth Madhavrao Peshwa (I) constructed the sabha mandap (hall) and extended the temple. The idol of Chintamani is gigantic facing towards East. Its trunk is towards left. Shri Chintamani is sitting folding his legs.

In the premises of the temple, there are temples of Shankara, Vishnu Laxmi and Dakshinmukhi Maruthi. The temple of Mahatari Aai (Grama devata) is 1 km away from the Chintamani temple. There is Siddheshwara (Shiva) temple nearby and also the tapasya sthana place where Shri Moraya Gosavi performed penance. The nirvana sthana (death place) of Madhavrao Peshwa (I) is situated in the Chintamani temple premise.

The temple of Madhav and Sumedha Devi, parents of Shri Chintamani is situated behind Yashwant Sahakari Sugar Factory. There is another temple of Khadkeshwara nearby. In the premise of this temple, there are other temples of Kalika Devi and Bhairavanatha. Towards North, there is a memorial of Ramabai Saheb, wife of Madhavrao Peshwa (I) who performed sati when her husband was cremated. The Chinchwad Devasthan Trust has renovated this memorial. Towards the South-West of the Chintamani Temple, 1 km away, there is an ashram of Sage Kaundinya.

The village Theur is surrounded by Mula-Mutha river from 3 sides. The river flows all through the year. This river is also known as ‘Kadamb Tirtha’ or ‘Chintamani Tirtha’

Darshan Timings:

5:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. (No entry is permitted in temple during 10 PM to 5 AM)

Mahaprasada: The offers Mahaprasada (Lunch) for all the devotees from 12 A.M. to 2 P.M. This facility is provided by the Chinchwad Deosthana. Mahaprasada (Dinner) facility is not available at evening time.

Accommodation: The Deosthana’s Bhakta Niwas is well equipped with 9 double rooms with attached toilets. Bhakta Niwas Timing are evening 7 pm till morning 7 am. No booking is made over a phone, or by mailing to the Deosthana.

Literature related to Shri Chintamani of Theur:

‘Chintamani Vijay’ – Shri Dhundiraj Sakharam Pophale is the author of this book. This book in poetic verses refers to the temple of Shri Chitamani and all the religious places surrounding the temple. It elaborates the work done by Shri Chintamani. This is a reference book elucidating the biography of Shri Chintamani. Many excerpts from books like Ganesh Gita, Mudgal Purana are referred in here. Devotees do parayana (reading) of this book.