About Trust

About Trust

The Chinchwad Temple trust administers the functions of Morgaon, Siddhatek, Theur and Chinchwad temples. The trust provides certain facilities like stay arrangements and lunch for devotees.

Programs undertaken by the trust

1. The temples Shri Mayureshwara Temple (Morgaon), Siddhivinayaka Temple (Siddhatek) and Chintamani Temple which are run by the trust provide many facilities for the devotes like ---

  1. Bhakta Nivas: Big and well furnished rooms
  2. Prasada: Lunch is available with subsidized rates
  3. Restrooms: Hot water facility is made available in restrooms for devotees.
  4. Stale Flowers Processing: The solid wastes like worn out flowers or stale flowers etc are collected from the temple premises and are processed for fertilizer creation.

2. A TV serial on information of Shri Moraya Gosavi is produced.
3. Publications: The Chinchwad Temple trust had published following books and CDs:

1. Biography of Shri Moraya Gosavi (with verses)
2. Biography of Yogiraj Shri Chintamani Maharaja
3. Mahasadhu Moraya Gosavi and his successors
4. Collection of poetic verses of Sadguru Shri Moraya Gosavi, Shri Chintamani Maharaja, Shri Narayana Maharaja, Sridharanidhara Maharaja
5. Sadguru Shri Moraya Gosavi (Author – Vighnahari Bhalachandra Dev-Maharaja)


1. Majhya Morayacha dharma Jaago
2. Shri Ganesh Geeta
3. Sadguru Shri Moraya Gosavi Padancha Gatha
4. Aarti Sangraha

4. In Chinchwad a Vedpathshala, gurukul is run by the trust.

The dignitaries of the trust

Shri Dhundiraj Maharaj Deo (Ojharkar) 1886 to 1923
Shri Dharanidhar aka Tathya Maharaj Deo (Ravetkar) 1923 to 1936
Shri Chintamani aka Babamaharaj (Siddhatekkar) 1936 to 1955
Shri Vakratunda Maharaj Deo (Aundhkar) 1955 to 1957
Shri Gajanana Maharaj Deo (Vakadkar) 1957 to 1964
Shri Dharanidhar and Bhau Maharaj Deo (Siddhatekkar) 1964 to 1981
Shri Vighnahari Maharaj Deo (Vakadkar) 1981 to 2001
Shri Surendra Maharaj Deo (Siddhatekkar) 2001 to 2016
Shri Mandar Jagannath Deo (Pirangutkar - Main Trustee) 2016 - till date

The management has 5 trustees. One member is from the family of Narayana Maharaj, one from Deo family, one is from Morgaon, Siddhatek or Theur and the other two are popular personalities from the society.


1. Shri Mandar Jagannath Deo (Main Trustee)
2. Shri Jitendra Ramesh Deo
3. Shri Anand Vishwanath Tambe
4. Advocate Shri Rajendra Baburao Umap
5. Shri Vinod Popat Pawar

Chinchwad Temple Trust’s Address:

Chinchwad Temple Trust, Mangalmurthi Wada, Chinchwad Gaon, Pune, Maharashtra PIN – 411033.
Mobile No. call (24/7) : 7768881133
Telephone: 020-65315769, 27614698